(22 July 2010)


This is a vintage Harrison 4032 Console. The Console's rise to fame began with Michael Jackson's seminal record Thriller, which was made on a Harrison 4032 desk and which remains the best selling album of all time. Numerous other hit records were made with the Harrison Console, including titles from Abba, Blondie, Beach Boys, Sade and many others. Even today, the Harrison 4032 Console is highly sought after among collectors and recording studios due to its distinctly vintage sound signature from the "golden age" of album recordings.
The restoration of the Console took us months just to clean everything up, refurbish critical components and prepare it for repair. The repair is still in progress and it has been nothing short of a nightmare because the desk was heavily tampered with before and none of the modules were operational when it arrived. So far, we have managed to fix 36 modules (from the total of 40). The rest will be done on the go, along with any additional cosmetic work, enhancements, tweaks and minor fixes.


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